' Pech Merle - Traveling Wine Tastings

Traveling Wine Tastings

Keep it private and let Pech Merle come to you! The wine is the heart of our endeavor and our Wine Club is most certainly our soul. To our members who don't often get the chance to come visit us in Geyserville and to our local supporters, we wish to come to you.
Our Keeper Traveling Wine program is focused on our most loyal patrons, our Wine Club. If you have a birthday or celebration coming up or just want to host a small gathering for family and friends we would love to enhance the experience by pouring and educating about Pech Merle wines. Tastings are reserved by first come first serve.

Tastings for large or small groups can be accomodated. Per 14 guests in your group there will be a tasting fee of $135 or $185 depending on your flight preference, which turns out to only $10-$14 per guest!

You can make reservations or inquire for details about our travel schedule by emailing Jenna McDaniel at tr@pechmerlewinery.com.